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“Awarded as Singapore’s Partner for Smart Growth, cash loans in an hour philippines Cash Mart is a unique cash lender offering consumers outstanding customer support.” – Straits Times Online

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“Awards recognized as Singapore’s trusted financial institution, Cash Mart has built a strong reputation for itself in the global market. The bank has grown to be Singapore’s third largest financial institution, after the likes of SBI and ING Direct. Cash Mart aims to reinvent itself by constantly innovating and exploring new techniques to enhance our customer experience.” – Straits Times Online (Singapore)

“There are some things to know before you open an account with them. They promise a fast and simple way to get cash to your account – but that is only if you are lucky enough to have a branch in your neighborhood. If not, you’ll need to go through a long and often tedious process, from filling up forms to handing over proofs of ID and passport. Most importantly, you must be sure that you can trust this offshore service, since the company has a poor track record.”

“With their services all over the Philippines, the Cash Mart Philippines program will give anyone one of the easiest and fastest ways to access money. There is no need to go through a long and sometimes tedious process. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can have your money deposited in your account anytime.” – Criptonite Reviews (Singapore). More than just a review site, this site provides useful information such as the terms and conditions, charges, and guidelines to use their service.

“It was mentioned as a good option, but with a lot of doubts. I personally used it once and found out that the service isn’t always as convenient as they made it out to be. You will usually need a bank account and a credit card to open an account, and the whole process may take weeks to complete. I would definitely avoid using this service if you’re not really experienced with the currency exchange industry.” – MoneyMart Reviews (Singapore).

“I haven’t used the service yet, but the reviews on the site are very positive. The biggest advantage they offer is the ability to pay with Credit Cards even without having a verified account. The payment process is simple and fast, and the interface makes it easy to use. Other features include a comprehensive help area and a detailed currency converter.” – Zabutin (Singapore). The reviews on this site are mostly positive.

“This service offers the safest way to pay for International Money Transfer. It also provides the fastest way to convert US Dollars to Philippine Dollars. All transactions are secure, fast and easy. It does not take a lot of time to sign up and you do not need a verified bank account to use this service.” – SmartMoney (US)

This service promises fast and convenient service, and also claims to be the fastest in the business to complete transactions. They provide detailed bank statements for each transaction, which allow you to check your account and make any necessary adjustments. The service also provides budget estimations and financial calculators. These reviews all indicate that Cash Mart Philippines is a legitimate company that has a reputation for being one of the fastest and easiest way to transfer money from one location to another. There may be some companies out there that offer the same thing, but they all have one major disadvantage – it’s expensive!

When you search the internet, you will find many companies claiming that they offer the fastest services, but the truth is most of them don’t. What they offer is convenience and security – but it’s expensive. “The fees charged by the different banks can vary considerably. We found that the fees charged by the Philippine International Bank, which has a reputation for being the most reputable bank in the Philippines, was the most reasonable. Most of the fees we were charged were consistent with other banks.” – SmartMoney (US)

The reviews don’t just talk about the good and bad, they also mention the requirements needed to open an account with the bank. The bank requires a minimum bank account size, current income and legal age. If you meet these requirements, you can complete most of the transactions through online banking. You can transfer money from your account to another one, or to another friend or family members through a PDA or mobile phone. Payments can also be made through the internet, and with most service providers, payments are made automatically each month.

On the other end of the spectrum, “some people have problems opening an account with Philippine International Bank because they often get a high rate of rejection for reasons such as insufficient funds in their accounts.” The reviewers don’t mince their words, and they don’t shy away from the negative. “Mostly, the only reason you’d want to use this bank is if you had absolutely no other choice… or if you have very large amounts to transfer.” If you need extra coverage for an overseas transaction, the travelers’ section might come in handy. For those who prefer to conduct their transactions at home and avoid the potential exposure of a potentially fraudulent transaction, the bank offers a virtual payment service known as MOTO – a secure prepaid card.

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