How to Write a Brilliant essay even if English isn’t your native Language

For international students whose principal language isn’t English writing a college essay can be quite challenging.

But English competence is not everything when you’re writing professionally. Even native English language speakers may have difficulty if they do not follow having the right strategy.

Maurice Boissiere, lecturer and adjunct professor of English writing and literature at The University of Maryland, confirms the view of Maurice Boissiere, lecturer and adjunct professor at the University of.

“I have taught international students who scored A’s on their essays as well as local students failing in the course,” Boissiere said. “Really the goal is to have questions.”

They help define the point or focus of the essay. Sometimes, it’s known as a prompt.

Style, format and purpose

What are some great questions to ask before creating an essay? Boissiere suggested that every student should be aware of the format, style that they write in, their format and the reason for writing.

Style, he explained, determines whether an essay is an academic paper, a position statement, an opinion piece or an essay that summarizes. Are you trying to convince the audience of your point of view? Involves a lot of research into an area? The summation of an incident or moment? They all use different methods with regards to their writing style.

Format is the preferred method of structuring an essay and is referred to as Modern Language Association (MLA); American Psychological Association (APA) style, used mostly in scientific papers. Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS).

He said that purpose is essential to formulate an effective thesis.Read about At website This means that writers must be aware of the topic he or she is writing about and not simply ramble through topics in vain.

Precision, concision, proofreading

When you’ve completed these questions, there are three guidelines for making sure the essay is effectively written.

The first tip is precision which means to speak clearly.

“When I find words and words that are unnecessarily complicated this is a massive warning,” Boissiere said. “There is absolutely no value in speaking in a refined manner if your readers cannot understand what you are communicating.”

The second tip is concision which is the ability to concisely state ideas.

“Writing is really thinking. If you’re unable to convey precisely what you need to get across, that shows there’s doubt or inconsistency in your thinking,” Boissier said.

Finally, make sure someone — preferably native speakers examines your essay for errors before you print out the final version. Don’t submit your essay that has punctuation, spelling or grammatical mistakes.

In addition, by editing and revising elements that appear strange or strange to your American classmates, you’re actually learning about U.S. culture.

“I always strive to assist international students proofread their writing if they need it. This is my job here.” explained John Pugh, graduate student and instructor in the English Department.

“Cultural differences could be a hindrance for students from other countries who aren’t trained to think critically. However, writing certainly aids with this,” he added.

And lastly, Boissiere said, not enough students seek out help.

“I offer office hours each week for a purpose,” Boissiere explained. “But I don’t see a lot of students calling in to ask questions.”

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